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Assorted Tokens of Eighteenth Century Britian

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Last Modified:  8/17/2021
Set Description
This will be an ongoing set of different tokens from Britain. There will be different die sinkers and manufacturers. Some will be penny's and some are of buildings still standing. You must give me some patients I'm trying to learn this. But I promise you will see the good and some bad I believe there all good. Of course . When you pull up a token look closely at the detail not only are they eye pleasing but expertly done. None of these were made here they all come from from Britain. I seem to find the best there. So enjoy them that's what there for. Some of these will have edge writing on them. Some NGC starts it on the label I will put the rest in comments. Some I put on the reverse with the "P" Touch. It works this way you will have it all. PCGS does not due this information that's why I do not recommend Brutish tokens be sent there. But it's your preference . Currently Token number 306a was made in Middlesex every Conder collector knows this. NGC has to change the Label. How did they get it wrong to begin with. I will keep on them till it is changed. Thank you for your patience. I'm sorry about there mistake also there are only 61 in higher grades. Thank you I'm sorry for There mistake. If Benjamin Franklin was alive today we would be back at war. Check out the new P.Kempson penny . I told you I would be adding some as we go along this one is deserves a look. Enjoy more coming. Another was added March 9,2019. Just heard from NGC I have five coming back I chose from my collection all beautiful and very desrible. Give me about about two weeks. I will put them up and send another five. All for your enjoyment in this field of Numismatics. By the way allot of these are bronze when I put them up it says copper that's wrong. Another problem. Should be on the label. I have up dated the site with some great tokens more to come for your enjoyment. I have more in slabs but many more raw. I will not post the raw coins as beautiful as they are. Just the slabed.I do have some beauties coming back soon. They will be posted. As of May 9 2019 I added three more great tokens. Including a Coventry Token graded MS 66 as soon as I find a way to put it were it belongs i will. Thanks Mike update I'm sending in 24' beauties. I hope you enjoy tyem. Then the corona virus hit i will wait two weeks till they catch up. Sorry but i mine to go to the token group. I'm sure you would also. Because of the virus my tokens have been held up in grading. Do noe know when i will get them. But then i will
I will post them. There back after buying great tokens the covid virus has made it 41 days to grade not counting shipping to and getting them back. I will be posting more the next few days. I don't think you will be dissapointed. Thanks for.waiting!! Well t!here up. Some new tokens. There from the The New Birmingham Mint. They make coins for The Royal mint. It's a set and this one I will not complete. There from the 1800 and one from the 1900. Still tokens from the same family who owned the Birmingham mint before that the Soho mint. They graded good MS 66 65. But there proof and they did not put that on. Oh well we all make mistakes!!. Enjoy more to come. Mike.P.S. There are tokens from the 19 century and 20th because I tied the three mints together. Owned by two families!!

Set Goals
To share with fellow collector's the beauty of these tokens. Some are penny's some half penny's. Some from other sets like Kempson London series now that's a heart attack. Thirty eight. If i was twenty and started searching maybe by sixty I would find them all of there still around. We knows some are but all is a different question. I have sets I will be putting up in competitive sets. That's down the line. I need patience and time. I just hope you like them. Thanks Mike.

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Item Description
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Owner Comments
View Coin D&H 38a Warwickshire G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE G.Brit 1700's PENNY (1790'S)G.B. D&H-38A WARWICKSHIRE - COVENTRY E: PLAIN 5746622001 NGC MS 62 BN One of the hardest Medalets to find. Thomas Wyon name is on the obverse and reverse. The sad part it was destroyed in Nov ,1940. The ruins still stand and will always stand. It's rare. I was lucky to find this in such good codition. It took me years. There just not out there!!
View Coin WARWIcKSHiRe D&H-212 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE Warwickshire 1797 Copper 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-212 WARWICKSHIRE - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN D&H-212 NGC MS 63 RB This is a beautif token by Kempson. When the vitus is over its going back. Its grade is Higher and its a proof. I can see my face 8 in away sorry this is so wrong
View Coin D&H-167 Warwickshire G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE G.Brit 1790,s Copper 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-167 WARWICKSHIRE - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN 5850620-002 NGC MS 63 BN Another great token by the master himself. P. Kempson. I would of loved to watch him work. Enjoy
View Coin 1801GB.D&H-458 Middelsex G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX G.Brit 1801 Copper 1/2P 1801 G.BRIT D&H-458 MIDDLESEX - PIDCOCK'S E: PLAIN 5850620-003 NGC AU 58 BN Another of of Pidcocks great tokens. I slight mark brought this down to an A/58. enlarge they missed two proofs not P.L. And two grades this is one. I waited 41 days. Also my name was not on the label. That's not a big thing but another mistake on beautiful tokens. I only buy the best
View Coin 1894 G.B.Bronze Warwickshire GREAT BRITAIN 1816-1901 G.Brit 1894 Bronze 1/2P 1894-DATED DAVIS-879 WARWICKSHIRE QUEEN'S COLLEGE 5850620-001 NGC MS 65 BN These Tokens were made in the 19th century. They were made in a set . This one is the Queens college. All the reverses are the same. There beautiful to say the least. Done by Davis all of them would make a great set. Thanks for taking a look and enjoying the class is brother of the Conder Token!!
View Coin Bronze New Birmingham G.Brit 1928 Bronze BRONZE 1928 G.BRITAIN BIRMINGHAM-HALL OF MEMORY (29mm) 5850620007 NGC MS 65 BN This was done by Davis in 1928. At the new Birmingham mint which was the Birmingham mint and before that the Soho mint. Yes all three are owed by two families. They still make coins today for the Royal Mint .
View Coin D&H-4 G.BRIT - CORNWALL Cornwall Penryn 1794 Copper 1/2P 1794 G.BRIT D&H-4 CORNWALL - PENRYN E: PLAIN Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 65 BN These volunteers fought bravely during the French war. They won many battles and were formed on April 3,1794. They fought many times and had a wonderful record.
View Coin D&H-22a G.BRIT - GLOUCESTERSHIRE GLOUGESTERSHIRE 1795 Copper 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-22A GLOUCESTERSHIRE-BADMINTON E: PLAIN D&H -22a Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 64 BN The reverse of this coin has very small writing . A picture it would appear blank. It has 12 lines of writing. If you have a book give it a look see. It's very interesting. It's a great token to own. .
View Coin D&H-89 G.BRIT - HAMPSHIRE 1/2P 1791 G.BRIT D&H-89 HAMPSHIRE - PORTSMOUTH E: PAYABLE AT THE OFFICE NGC MS 64 BN PL Was he Sr.Beviios a brave Knight did he found Portsmouth? It seems to be not known.The edge writing states,payable At The Office Of W. Taylor. Made by R.Y Moody and Co.
View Coin D&H-6 G.BRIT - KENT G. BRITIAN KENT 1794 Copper 1/2P 1794 G.BRIT D&H-6 KENT - CANTERBURY E:PAYABLE AT JOHN MATTHEW NGC MS 62 BN This is a great Token of Canterbury Cathedral. It does have edge writing stating pay to John Matthews.+++++. The detail on the reverse is as always terrific. The obverse is the crest of Canterbury. This is called the Canterbury token the obverse says Unity ,Peace,an Concord,:Good Will To All Men. Reverse says Protection to our King and country,Laws and Trade.
View Coin D&H -44-A G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY (1790'S)G.B. D&H-44A MIDDLESEX - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN NGC MS 63 BN This is the Back and Front of Somerset House London . This is one of Kempson s Pennys. The reverse is one of two he used both the obverse and reverse have a beautiful red in it. That's why Conder collects don't trust third party graders.
View Coin D&H-522 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-522 MIDDLESEX - SKIDMORE'S E:SKIDMORE HOLBORN LONDON NGC MS 64 BN St. Pauls Church with James underneath.It was destroyed see reverse. This occurred in September,17, 1795 Made by Skidmore another famous die sinker. The edge states Skidmore Holborn,lLondon.
View Coin D&H-42 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY (1790'S)G.B. D&H-42 MIDDLESEX - KEMPSON'S E: I PROMISE TO PAY NGC MS 63 RB Guild Hall.Stricter in 1411. Fire of 1666 destroyed most of it. In 1870 three buildings were added and the earlier damage restored.. Our friend Hitler almost destroyed it. It was restored in 1952.
View Coin D&H-78 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX PENNY 1797 G.BRIT D&H-78 MIDDLESEX - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN NGC MS 64 RB Ludgate was built in or around 1260. One of the largest gates to protect London. This is one of Kempson 38 tokens he made of the great city. Destroyed in the fire of 1666. It was it was sold in 1760 and shortly taken down. There is much history and not enough room. The status of Queen Elizabeth was built there and moved to St. Dudsatans Church. I wish I could go on.
View Coin D&H-414 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX G.Britain MIddlesex 1790's Copper 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-414 MIDDLESEX - PIDCOCK'S E: PLAIN D&H-414 Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 64 BN One of The great tokens of the era. Allot are looking for this one.. It's very popular in the Piddocks series.
View Coin D&H-396b G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX G.Britain MIddlesex 1795 Copper 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-396B MIDDLESEX - NEWGATE E: MILLED \\\ Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 64 BN This is one of the Newgate Tokens. There is a difference with this one. The die sinker was P.Kempson. Just check the workmanship there is better detail in this than others. Enjoy it. By the left door is were they hung there prisoners..
View Coin D&H-302 Middlesex Forster's G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX Middelsex 1795 Copper 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-302 MIDDLESEX - FORSTER'S E: PLAIN D&H-302 NGC MS 65 RB These are actual Notes to a song we sang in school. My Country tis of thee seet land of Liberty. Remember that one!
View Coin D&H - 1112 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX Middelsex 1795 Copper 1/4P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-1112 MIDDLESEX - SPENCE'S E: PLAIN Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 65 BN One of the most sought after tokens with three famous names Thomas Spence Sir Thomas Moore and Thomas Paine all fighters for human rights . Yes that far back. And we still act like idiots in America.
View Coin D&H-39 G.BRIT - MIDDLESEX Middelsex D&H 39 1794 Copper PENNY 1794 G.BRIT D&H-39 MIDDLESEX - YOUNG'S E: PLAIN NORTHWEST COLLECTION NGC MS 62 BN The date is on the obverse. It was commissioned by H. Young it was made by two great die sinkers Wyon and Kempson. St. Paul's was almost bombed in WWII . Hitler was very upset it was still standing. I am having a hard time with the picture. He patient please.. Mike.
View Coin D&H-10 G.BRIT - SHROPSHIRE SHROPSHIRE 1792 Copper 1/2P 1792 G.BRIT D&H-10 SHROPSHIRE-COALBROOK DALE E: PAYABLE AT COALBROOK A/U 55 NGC AU 55 BN This was the first steel bridge built. It's Alan was 100 feet and a great accompaniment. It received a very bad grade. So not to by the picture it was me. The obverse shows the middle of the bridge worn. Well most of them show it. I believe it was a problem with the die.
View Coin D&H-74 G.BRIT - SOMERSETSHIRE 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-74 SOMERSETSHIRE - BATH E: PLAIN NGC MS 66 BN Free School founded by Edward IV still standing today. The reverse has the crest of Bath on it the Lion and the Bear one is named Sinister and the Lion is named Dexter.
View Coin D&H-16 G.BRIT - SUFFOLK 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-16 SUFFOLK - BECCLES E: PAYABLE AT BECCLES NGC MS 65 BN This is the South side of the church. The edge states. Payable At Beccles Suffolk.This Token has beautiful look at the tower and the stained glass window the walkway leading into the church. Now that's workmanship.
View Coin D&H-10 G.BRIT - SUFFOLK SUFFOLK 1795 Copper PENNY 1795 G.BRIT D&H-10 SUFFOLK - IPSWICH E: PLAIN Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 64 RB This token is of the Famous Cardinal Wolsey. It was ordered by Mr. Conder himself since they were born there. He did not take his life as in the series The Tudors. He passed from disentary. Yea was a great man just read his history. Sorry about the picture the flaw went off thanks Mike.
View Coin D&H-2 G.BRIT - SUSSEX Sussex Brighton 1794 Copper 1/2P 1794 G.BRIT D&H-2 SUSSEX - BRIGHTON E:BRIGHTON CAMP HALFPENNY D&H-2 NGC MS 62 BN This is a token of King George the III. He was Prince of Wales at this time. This Token is Scarce and should grade higher. . The reverse is his crest. And the edge writing states Brighton Half Penny. I'm thinking of sending it back. Any scratches is the holder. This is one King we won't forget. Enjoy Mike.
View Coin D&H-6 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE PENNY 1796 G.BRIT D&H-6 WARWICKSHIRE - COUNTY E: I PROMISE TO PAY NGC MS 62 BN This is the way it looks today. On another site i would do a whole blog with current pictures. You wouldn't belive it. This is a penny there bigger and heavier than the half pennys.. The cyper is that of P.Kempson. It's just another beautiful token of there history. Enjoy it.
View Coin D&H-191 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-191 WARWICKSHIRE - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN NGC MS 63 BN Welch Cross located in Birmingham drifted in 1700 . It served as a market place on the ground floor.The upper part was used as a guard house. It also served as a prison.
View Coin D&H-172 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE Warwickshire 1790's Copper 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-172 WARWICKSHIRE - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN NGC MS 63 BN This is a token of St. Paul's Chapel. It is located in Birmingham Warwickshire and still stands today. Remarkable architectural designs were added in the 19th century.
View Coin D&H-200 G.BRIT - WARWICKSHIRE Warwickshire 1790's Copper 1/2P (1790'S)G.B. D&H-200 WARWICKSHIRE - KEMPSON'S E: PLAIN NGC MS 62 BN Free School By Kempson. Again his detail as in the fence is clasic.
View Coin D&H -2b G.BRIT - WILTSHIRE Wiltshire G. Britian 1796 Copper 1/2P 1796 G.BRIT D&H-2B WILTSHIRE - DEVIZES E: MILLED /// Michael Byrne Collection NGC MS 64 RB One of the most beautiful tokens . The Stay is so majestic and the reverse I will check I believe is the crest. Everyone want this beauty. Enjoy like I do. Thanks Mike
View Coin D&H-63 G.BRIT - YORKSHIRE G.Brit 1795 Copper 1/2P 1795 G.BRIT D&H-63 YORKSHIRE - YORK E: YORK BUILT A.M. 1223 585062008 NGC MS 65 BN I always try to improve this set. The other one is a MS 63. This is a 65. Much better. And please look at the details . What a great job!
View Coin D&H-2 Great Britain Derbyshire 1796 1/2P 1796 G.BRIT D&H-2 DERBYSHIRE - BUXTON E: BUXTON TOKEN NGC TOKEN MS 65 BN This is a rare token done by Kempson. This building stands today and has many visitors the picture today looks just liken the token. Wyon, one of Kempson friend teamed up on this be was just as talented.. This kept on breaking dies so it's not known how many were made.Made in 1796 a wonderful design for the day.
View Coin D&H-28 Great Britain Norfolk 1792 Copper 1/2D 1792 G.BRIT - NORFOLK 1792 PCGS MS 64 This is another reason why no Conder collector anyone out there tokens with P.S.C.G. They put the wrong D&H number on it. Very important. What they did is change the rarity. The numbers can mean the same like in our Sheldon scale. This went from a double rarity to a common. I will add the edge writing later. This is a D&H 27 not a 28. But mistake changes from a double rarity to a common.. Which is fine by me. There all beautiful and all tell a story. Thanks Mike
View Coin D&H-446 Great Britain Warwickshire 1791 Copper Half Penny 1791 None None D&H-446 Michael Byrne PCGS AU 53 This is a token of John Wilkenson Iron Master. The reverse is a naked Vulcan working.and it says Half Penny.The white paper is the edge writing since P.C.G.S. is to lazy to look.
View Coin D&H 20 Great Britain Warwickshire 1796 Copper Penny 1796 P.Kempson PCGS MS 64 These beautiful tokens were won at auction. Sorry it was P.C.G.S If you look at the walls of the cave and lion it's like a painting. Now the cypher on the reverse is that of P. Kempson. I tried to confirm that this was actually in his own collection. But proving provenance in a coin 221 years old is hard. I was told though by a collector of great respect that it was. Enjoy the beautiful color and detail. Edge writing promise to pay on demand bearer one penny
View Coin D&H-Scotland Rarity 2 SCOTLAND - LOTHIAN Scotland 1792 Copper 1/2P 1792 SCOT D&H-44 LOTHIAN - EDINBURGH E: PAYABLE AT WAREHOUSE 5850620-004 NGC MS 65 BN This is a wonderful token a double rarity . I looked for This great Sait in a double rarity for a long time No one provokes without impunity is the obverse the breast is the reverse.
View Coin D&H 307a UNITED STATES Middelsex 1794 Copper TOKEN 1794 PLAIN EDGE FRANKLIN PRESS 46256556-003 NGC AU 58 BN This Token is Labeled wrong. It was made in Britain in Middlesex . It's in all the books. Never circulated in the United States. Yes I have all the information NGC label is wrong!!! Also I will update the journal . This should never of happened. I hope they can correct it. FRanklin needs the respect and the token needs a home from were it came.

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