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Thornton Gold Prooflikes

Owner:  Thornton
Last Modified:  11/25/2012
Set Description
Since I have started collecting gold coins, I have always had a fascination with coins that appear prooflike while not actually being proof issues. They tend to have sharper strikes due to the fact they are generally the first strikes from new dies although this effect may be minor overall.

Set Goals
My collection of US Gold and Territorial Gold Coins that have prooflike or semi-prooflike surfaces. Coins in the set may have the NGC "PL" designation as part of their certification but that designation is not required to be included in the set.

Slot Name
Item Description
Full Grade
Owner Comments
View Coin $2.5 1846 UNITED STATES $2.5 1846 PCGS MS 62 Prooflike surfaces
View Coin $2.50 1857-D UNITED STATES $2.5 1857 D PCGS MS 62 Prooflike surfaces
View Coin $2.50 1872 UNITED STATES $2.5 1872 NGC AU 58 Not cert'd as PL but mirrorlike surfaces.
View Coin $2.50 1881 UNITED STATES $2.5 1881 NGC AU 55 With a tiny mintage of only 640 circulation strikes, the 1881 Liberty Head quarter eagle is one of the most popular and sought-after dates in the series. Most entered circulation, as the average survivor is in XF or AU grades. Mint State specimens are quite rare. Yellow-gold surfaces display occasional splashes of reddish-orange, and partially prooflike fields highlight the motifs. The obverse is remarkably clean, while minor marks are visible on the reverse. The design elements are sharply impressed, except for the usual softness on the left (facing) leg. Imposing overall eye appeal for a coin having seen light circulation.
View Coin $2.50 1885 UNITED STATES $2.5 1885 PCGS MS 64 Prooflike surfaces
View Coin $2.50 1898 UNITED STATES $2.5 1898 NGC MS 65 PL Highest rated PL
View Coin $5 1836 UNITED STATES $5 1836 NGC MS 62 PL Second Head, Large Date, Breen-6509, McCloskey 4-D, R.2. As of (6/09), this is the only 1836 half eagle to receive a Prooflike designation from NGC, and was presumably among the first examples struck by the McCloskey 4-D dies. It is well struck and flashy with only one consequential abrasion, located beneath the O in OF.
View Coin $5 1888-S UNITED STATES $5 1888 S NGC AU 58 Partially mirror-like surfaces
View Coin $10 1856-S UNITED STATES $10 1856 S NGC AU 53 Prooflike surfaces, especially on reverse.
View Coin $10 1880 UNITED STATES $10 1880 NGC MS 61 PL Prooflike
View Coin $10 1885 UNITED STATES $10 1885 NGC MS 64 PL
View Coin $20 1856 UNITED STATES $20 1856 PCGS AU 55
View Coin $20 1880 UNITED STATES $20 1880 NGC AU 58 PL PL
View Coin $20 1885-S UNITED STATES $20 1885 S NGC MS 60 semi-prooflike on reverse especially
View Coin $20 1894-S UNITED STATES $20 1894 S PCGS MS 63 Prooflike (not cert as such)
View Coin $20 1895-S UNITED STATES $20 1895 S NGC MS 62 Very reflective surfaces

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