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The NGC Registry allows NGC Collectors Society members to display their coins, interact with other collectors, and compete for awards and recognition. Participants can share their sets in one of the thousands of US and World Competitive Set types, or create their own Custom Sets. Best of all, it’s free!

Set Name
Set Goals
World Coins Thalermaniac PASSION OF LUDWIG Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from his coronation in 1825 until 1848, when he abdicated his throne in favor of his son, Maximilian. It is my opinion that he was one of the most interesting personae in German history. As a very intelligent and educated man, he assumed his role as a King with full responsibility and, arguably, great passion. He had a great many passions; he loved change, and imposing it, he loved women, art, science, Greece, architecture etc. – but his dearest passion of all was coins, of course! He adored seeing new coins, especially those displaying his portrait and great achievements as the King. He oversaw the production of many commemorative coins: more than any other Germanic ruler. Within this set I would like to tell you the flamboyant story of the great ruler, Ludwig I of Bayern, son of Maximilian I Joseph, Duke of Franconia, Duke of Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine, etc. Let the journey begin! 2/6/2014
World Coins coinsbygary The Birth, Life, and Sunset of the Spanish Peseta 9/28/2019
Other swike4547 Schweickart II - Civil War Store Cards - Connecticut 11/16/2020
Other swike4547 Schweickart III - Civil War Store Cards - New York 11/16/2020
Other swike4547 Schweickart I - Civil War Tokens 8/5/2012
Other Shalako Limited Edition Silver Proof Sets - San Francisco Cable Car Label San Francisco Cable Car Label a must. 11/13/2019
World Coins deposito Siam / Thailand Coins Get the Gold Rama IV and Rama V. Get some of the rarer date Rama V baht coins, like from 1904 or 1901. 8/2/2018
Token & Medals Horsefolk US Mint National Proof Medals Complete a Custom Set of National Commemorative Proof Medals of the United States Mint. 2/27/2021
World Coins worldcoinguy German State Sede Vacante Talers and Medals Broad representation of bishopric issued German States talers, minors, and medals from the 16th through the 18th century with a specific focus on sede vacante issues. Relevant themed items included for context. 5/9/2009
Other ChrisInJesup Camelot Collection Collect any and all items (coins, tokens and medals) that have John Kennedy, Jaqueline Kennedy and family (Robert Kennedy, JFK Jr., etc) from the USA and all over the world.

Currently I am using what I call "The Bible" of Kennedy coins, tokens and medals. The book is called "The Kennedy World in Medallic Art". Copyrighted in 2014, it helps me target items and narrows where I search..
Mint Errors Conly Rieder 1972 Cherry Picker Double Die Obverses To obtain FS-104 for a reasonable cost. 1/31/2021
World Coins VIP Collection Türkiye Paralari 4/10/2021
Ancients MF Collection Roman Imperatorial Catalog sources: 1) David R. Sear's "The Historic and Coinage of the Roman Imperators 40-27BC" (quoted as Sear or CRI), and 2) Michael Crawford's Roman Republic Coinage 3/31/2021
World Coins MF Collection BRAZIL - Gold Coinage (1698-1922) 88 of 751 (11.7% complete) 3/14/2020
World Coins J.K. Castillo British Oceania Silver Denomination Set 4/10/2021
Varieties Radagast04l9 Barber Quarters Major Vars, 90’s MM’s & Hub changes Complete the list 100% 2/26/2021
World Coins Scott A Latin American Beauties My Collection of early Latin American and related coins. 5/10/2008
Token & Medals Horsefolk US Mint Bicentennial Proof Medals 4/8/2021 4/8/2021 16
Other Royveg777 Morgans 4/8/2021 4/8/2021 04
World Coins Star City Homer Albania, Skanderbeg Defeats the Turks Eventually would like to have all dates and varieties. 3/8/2017 4/8/2021 3099
Toned Coins COINNUT36 Rainbow collection by coinnut36 Only the best, vivid, neon, Rainbow toned coins that this humble collector can afford make it into this exclusive, award winning collection.*^*^*^*With nice color accurate photos for all coins*^*^*^* Thank you NGC Registry for "Best US custom set". It is truly an Honor to receive this award. 12/15/2005 4/8/2021 8885250
Series Sets Harlan#2 A Seated Liberty Grading Set - or is it a Type Set? I have achieved my primary goal, which is to build a Type Set organized by grade that includes the following: a) all circulated grades 1-58, b) one example of an UNC Shipwreck Effect Coin, c) one example of a Mint State coin, d) one example of a Proof coin, and e) at least one CAC coin at every grade level. My focus now is on upgrading this set over time as I acquire additional varieties and CAC specimens. 10/22/2019 4/8/2021 317114
Other Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-old_red_copper_coin_set 7/11/2020 4/8/2021 22695
World Coins hh4 Freie Stadt Frankfurt 2/17/2020 4/8/2021 765
Token & Medals Horsefolk US Mint Large Silver Medals 4/4/2021 4/8/2021 54
World Coins Scott A Sierra Leone - Early High end coins of early Sierra Leone. 11/7/2007 4/8/2021 10948
Other 86Saab 1 of Each Slab NGC PCGS ANACS w/Photos To have an example of each NGC & PCGS & ANACS slab of the standard type issued by them since the beginning including ANACS Photo Certificates...(69 and counting) 11/7/2017 4/8/2021 567469
Token & Medals Lusterrules Lusterrules So-Called Dollars My goal is to assemble a collection of So-Called Dollars and related medals that consists of attractive, quality examples no matter their grade. Many of the medals in my set are finest known or top pop examples, with the majority of the remaining medals that make up the set being within a point or two of top pop status. I have included large, high resolution photos as well as descriptions of each medal. In an effort to keep the set organized I have the medals listed by date first followed by HK number. 12/1/2018 4/8/2021 7977322
Series Sets SFCollector My Complete Morgan Date Set 1/12/2018 4/7/2021 72864
Ancients Von Werner Roman Empire Emperors To obtain a certified example of each Emperor, Caesar, Usurper, and key figure of the Roman Empire, beginning with the Imperatorial period, through the Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire, and Byzantine Empire, teaching history to those that explore this collection. 7/11/2018 4/7/2021 2413298
Token & Medals grothcc CMC Hard Times, Civil War, Merchant Tokens A nice, basic set of different things 4/7/2021 4/7/2021 17
Series Sets sc1quail Mercury Dimes 2 70 percent of total dimes in FB 10/28/2018 4/7/2021 20953
Other DON PATE pre 33 gold and silver 3/11/2021 4/7/2021 964

4/16/2013 4/7/2021 6148632
World Coins gdk100 Rare: Non-Competitive Coins + Scarce high/highest Grade NEW: 7 Apr 2021 Mexico 5 Centavos 1887 Pi R/B "Discovery Coin"; 3 Dec 2020: "A VERY RARE date in this stage of preservation." Mexico 20 Centavos 1908; 2 Nov 2020: Mexico 5 Centavos 1914 - Please see remarks; 19 Sep 2020: 1965 Canada Dollar SBP5; 13 Jul : 1953 Canada Dollar SF; 23 May 1881 Go S Mexico 5 Centavos; 28 Apr : 1901 Azores 5 Reis; 29 Feb 2020: 1915 Oaxaca 2 Peso 6th Bust-2; 1959 Mexico Peso & 1937 Mexico 10 Centavos . SHARED INFORMATION: Mexico Onza 1979/9 with high definition photo of the overdate; Peru 1/2 Dinero 1906/806 confirmed; Mexico Peso 1918/7 is currently not a variety that NGC will certify; HOWEVER, this coin is now in my new set of 1918-19 Mexico Pesos. As of Dec 2019, I had 109 NGC Competitive Sets, of which 34 received awards in 2019 (I had 42 that received awards as the top listing in 2018) and 35 are number 2. The competition has really been tough this past year.

I continue to focus on my 20th Century Mexico, Portugal and Colonies, CAR, Guatemala, Canada and Peru Collections. This effort started over 50 years ago when I traded my U.S. stamp collection for a box of Mexican coins. In addition, I've always liked really "nice" (superb condition) coins. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING COINS, PREVIOUSLY IN THIS SET, WERE SOLD IN THE HERITAGE SIGNATURE & INTERNET AUCTIONS; JANUARY 8, 2018. MEXICO PESO 1949 PRF 66, PORTUGUESE INDIA RUPIA 1881 PRF 64 AND JANUARY 17 MEXICO 1976 10 PESOS DOUBLE STRUCK "WITH ROTATION" PRF 65.
JANUARY 17-18, 2017. CANADA 1911 CENT SPECIMEN MS 64 RB; MEXICO 1974 10 PESOS PR 64.
11/29/2015 4/7/2021 153052
Series Sets Tommy ONeil 2020(P) Emergency Production Set To collect every NGC Label and grade for 2020(P) Emergency Production coins with total mintage of 240,000 4/7/2021 4/7/2021 157
Thematic & Topical Coins coin928 The U.S. Mint Goes to War The coins in this set encompass all of the coins produced by the U.S. Mint for circulation in foreign countries during World War II. World War II is generally considered to have begun in Europe with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, and officially ended with VJ-Day on August 14, 1945. I have include 1946 since many foreign mints did not go back into full production immediately, and there was still a need for the U.S. Mint to provide coins for the post-war rebuilding effort. I have also included the two 1947 MacArthur commemorative coins minted for the Philippines because they mark the transition from War to Peace time production and seem like a fitting end to this set. 11/27/2015 4/7/2021 107997154
Token & Medals Crruisercharlie Canada 2018 R&D token set Collect the complete set of 6. 10/8/2019 4/7/2021 1573
World Coins coin928 Foreign Coins Struck at United States Mints A complete set of foreign coins produced by mints in the United States. These include:
  1. A complete collection of world coins minted by US Mints (with varieties). (1876-2000)
  2. A complete set of coins and medals produced by the Philippine Mint in Manila. (1920-1941).
  3. A complete set of coins minted by the Providence Mint, operated by the Gorham Manufacturing Company. (1897-1919)
  4. A complete set of coins minted by the Waterbury Mint, operated by the Scovill Manufacturing Company. (1881-1908)
  5. A complete set of coins minted by the private mint of Holmes, Booth & Hayden, Waterbury, Connecticut. (1863-1864)
  6. A complete set of coins produced by The Denver Novelty Works and Manufacturing Company. (1914)
  7. Any "coins of the realm" produced by the Franklin Mint that I can easily acquire. (1965-2000)
Rev. 7/30/2020
4/14/2007 4/7/2021 9971570
Series Sets Legionary1 World War II coinage of the United States To assemble a set of U.S coinage issued between 1939 and 1945; all dates, denominations and mint marks inclusive. All coins will have as high a grade as possible. 3/16/2019 4/6/2021 450101
Other VSI Collection America’s coins through the years My primary goal is to assemble a complete Date Set of U.S. Coins and my secondary goal is to establish some type of historical reference for each coin when possible.As of December 5,2019,more than half of this set has been completed.I have many of the remaining coins to complete this set in my overall coin collection but need to finish submitting these “RAW” coins to NGC for certification. I plan to do this over the upcoming year.Hopefully,I will finish completing the rest of the set in the very near future at which time I will begin to focus my attention on other NGC Registry Sets. I have already started to assemble a Registry Type Set With Gold.
But in actuality this set will never truly be completed because each new year will require the addition of a new coin to keep the set current.I would also like to occasionally rotate coins in and out of this set in order to give it a continuously changing look and to upgrade some coins when needed.By doing this I hope to keep the set interesting and up to date.This Date Set will provide one coin for each year of mintage by any U.S. Mint facility starting with the year 1793 - and ending with the current production year.NGC,PCGS and Raw Coins;in any condition,can be used toward the completion of such a set. The set can consist of all regularly issued United States Coins,including Proof coins,as well as any Early or Modern United States Mint Commemorative Coins,and any U.S. Mint error coins.Any raw coins listed as part of this set will eventually be submitted for grading by NGC.Another goal is to complete this set utilizing the widest variety of examples manufactured by the U.S.Mint over the years. I hope to present coins in various states of preservation,different denominations and a variety of alloys.Finally,I hope to showcase the varying designs of our nation’s coinage throughout it’s history and show how the Mint has grown over the years to meet the coinage needs of it’s citizens.This Custom Set now consists of 176 coins out of a total of 228 for completion. I am hoping to complete this set in the very near future - hopefully in the next 2 years - 52 coins to go as of 12/3/20 - as previously stated in the Set Description.
I truly hope that my fellow collectors as well as the general public will find this set to be both historically interesting as well as artistically beautiful.
As of 3/15/21 the set now consists of 181 coins with 48 coins needed for completion.Now,as of 4/6/2021,there are only 47 coins to complete the set and keep it up to date!As mentioned before this set will never truly be completed as a new coin will be needed every year going forward.The set currently consists of 182 coins.
3/21/2018 4/6/2021 1441182
World Coins PD1212 British Fractional Proofs and Patterns Build a comprehensive collection of very high grade British fractional Proofs and Patterns to include 1/4F-1/3F-1/2F-1.5P and 4P (Britannia) Groats: George IV - William IV - Victoria.

The references I found most useful in collecting these coins are "English Silver Coinage - since 1649" by P. Alan Rayner and "English Copper, Tin, and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558-1958" by C. Wilson Peck.

These coins were acquired - mostly as raw coins - between 1982 and 2017.
9/2/2012 4/6/2021 196665
Varieties GINO TUMMINIA Broke Daddy's 2021 American Silver Eagles Having them All in one place! 2/25/2021 4/5/2021 105
Series Sets RGR67 Morgan Dollar Set 7/31/2019 4/5/2021 26145
Other coin928 Competitive Registry Orphans Make this an empty set! 6/19/2018 4/5/2021 69358
Ancients Lost_in_reality Roman Ancients - Republic and Imperial Collecting for the enjoyment and learning a bit of history in the process. 9/1/2019 4/4/2021 338107
Token & Medals coinsarefun Coinsarefun's Tokens and Medals I love Tokens, Medals and Store cards 4/15/2008 4/4/2021 654578
World Coins Thalermaniac UNION THALERS OF GERMAN STATES The goal of this Set is to represent all great variety of the Union Coinage for the period from 1857 till 1874. We will reflect coins of One and Two Thalers (Vereinsthalers). All coins will be arranged in order reflected in Davenport Book of German Talers. We hope you enjoy this collection!
This Set is for sale, please make your offers!! Contact E-mail is
3/2/2014 4/4/2021 430874
Token & Medals Crruisercharlie Bank of Montreal bank tokens To collect them all!! 7/16/2019 4/4/2021 1852
Other Joel Schram Joel's Washington Proof Quarters Complete the collection with high quality registry coins. 4/1/2021 4/4/2021 1265
Token & Medals Axel Ulen So-Called Dollars & modern Nat;l Commemorative.Medals U.S. and West Coast Exhibitions' Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo, Lewis & Clark Expo, Panama Pacific Expo, etc. and U.S.Mint National Commemorative medals'
2/23/2015 4/4/2021 1826213
World Coins MJSH Polish Danzig 1/4 Thalers of Sigismund III To create the most inclusive set for the Danzig mint silver 1/4 Thalers (ORTs) of Sigismund III (1587-1632) in the highest obtainable grades. 12/4/2009 4/3/2021 363323
Thematic & Topical Coins coinsbygary Inspirational Ladies Allegorical, monarchal, athletic, and historical women that inspire us and appear on coinage from around the world. 8/1/2008 4/2/2021 659798
World Coins TMS Coins 4. GREAT BRITAIN, GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGNS 1817-2017, COMPLETE CIRCULATION ISSUES. My main collecting interest has been on the modern coinage of Cyprus 1879-1949.
During this period Cyprus was under British Administration and the "piastre coinage" made its appearance in 1879. The copper piastre became the unit of currency and was fixed at the rate of 180 to the British gold sovereign. The gold sovereign became the standard measure of value and remained the coin of unlimited legal tender throughout the period from 1878-1960. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the gold half-sovereign was also legal tender, demonetized though from the 1st May 1901. Due to this relation, after completion of the "Cyprus Piastre Coinage Collection", the collection of sovereigns and half-sovereigns became a strong challenge. So, nine years ago I started to build up this collection of gold half-sovereigns with the goal to obtain high grade examples for every year since their first issue in 1817, buying always the best that could be afforded. As the quality of the individual coins determines the strength and value of a collection, constant emphasis was given on quality and condition rarity. For some rarer and scarcer pieces though I had to compromise condition in order to fill the empty slot, hoping to upgrade as opportunity permits. However there are a few ultra rarities in these series: 1836 (R6), 1845 (R4), 1862 (R6), 1879 (R4); not a single example of these appeared in a decent condition for many years!
It is true that in general half-sovereigns, especially those of the 19th Century, have become a great deal more difficult to find in uncirculated condition, even more difficult than finding uncirculated gold sovereigns. Despite this, it is really a challenge to hunt, to recognize opportunities and be prepared to strike when a piece comes up in order to fill up the empty slots with high grade coins or upgrade certain dates. "There is no substitution for quality".
Although the collection is still a work in progress, contains examples from all the Reigns. All coins are NGC-certified and many of them are "Top Pop" or single finest graded, quite a few conditionally rare.
Actually 2017 is more exciting because is the 200th anniversary of the "modern" half-sovereign which was first struck in 1817. During this year I managed to fill up some empty slots with new entries and make a few upgrades, so the collection reached an 81% completion. I also added, as a "guest star", a 1937 PF 66 Ultra Cameo half-sovereign of King George VI. During his reign only proof half-sovereigns were struck by the Royal Mint as part of the four coin Coronation Proof Set, with a mintage of only 5001.


1844 MS66, ( January 2017 ).
1849 MS65, ( January 2017 ).
2005 MS66 ( May 2017 ).
2006 MS69 ( May 2017 ).
2007 MS66 ( May 2017 ).
2008 MS66 ( May 2017 ).
2009 MS69 ( May 2017 ).
1865 AU58 ( June 2017 ).
1874 AU55 ( June 2017 ).
1880 Die Number AU58 ( June 2017 ).
2016 MS69 ( June 2017).
2017 MS65 ( Self-submitted, June 2017 ).
1820 MS64+ ( Crossed over from PCGS, June 2017 ).
1853 MS63+ ( NCS submission and conservation, July 2017 ).
1860 MS63 ( September 2017 ).
2010 MS64 DPL ( October 2017 ).
2011 MS65 DPL ( October 2017 ).
2012 MS69 DPL ( October 2017 ).
2018 MS69 DPL ( March 2018 )
1857 MS64 ( April 2018 )
1838 MS64 ( September 2018 )
1845 VF35 ( Self-submitted, October 2018 )
2013 MS68 ( Self-submitted, October 2018 ).
1850 MS63 ( October 2018 ).
1858 MS64 ( February 2019 ).
1859 MS64 ( April 2020 ).
1866 MS63 ( Self-submitted, October 2020 ).
1870 MS62 ( Self-submitted, October 2020 ).
2015 MS70DPL ( Self-submitted, October 2020 ).
2019 MS69DPL ( Self-submitted, October 2020 ).
2020 MS69DPL ( Self-submitted, October 2020 ).
1841 MS64+ ( November 2020 ).
1836 MS65 ( January 2021 ).
1851 MS65+ ( January 2021 ).
1848/7 MS64 ( February 2021 ).
2021 MS69DPL ( Self-submitted, March 2021 ).


1885 MS63 ^ MS64 ( March 2017 ).
1884 MS62 ^ MS63 ( March 2017 ).
1828 MS61 ^ MS64 ( April 2017 ).
1861 AU58 ^ MS62 ( May 2017 ).
1896 AU58 ^ MS62 ( May 2017 ).
1837 AU55 ^ MS61 ( June 2017 ).
1885/3 AU53 ^ AU55, ( June 2017 ).
1880 No Die Number AU55 ^ AU58 ( July 2017 ).
1902 MS64 ^ MS65 ( September 2017 ).
1873 MS61 ^ MS63 ( January 2018 ).
1890 MS62 ^ MS64 ( April 2018 ).
1835 MS62 ^ MS64+ ( April 2018 ).
1893 MS65 ^ MS66 ( Crossed over from PCGS, June 2018 ).
2017 MS65 ^ MS69DPL ( September 2018 ).
1861 MS62 ^ MS63 ( October 2018 ).
1837 MS61 ^ MS65 ( November 2018 ).
1911 MS64 ^ MS65 ( December 2018 ).
1846 MS63 ^ MS64 ( January 2019 ).
1865 AU58 ^ MS64 ( February 2019 ).
1907 MS64 ^ MS66 ( April 2019 ).
1901 MS64 ^ MS65 ( April 2019 ).
1885/3 AU55 ^ AU58 ( June 2019 ).
1842 MS62 ^ MS64 ( August 2019 ).
1891 AU58 ^ MS64 ( December 2019 ).
1856 MS63 ^ MS64 ( May 2020 ).
1861 MS63 ^ MS65 ( May 2020 ).
1899 MS62 ^ MS65 ( May 2020 ).
1825 MS64 ^ MS64+ ( August 2020 ).
2002 MS64 ^ MS69DPL ( September 2020 ).
1896 MS62 ^ MS64 ( October 2020 ).
1821 MS64 ^ MS64* ( October 2020 ).
1818 MS63 ^ MS64 ( January 2021 ).
2013 MS68 ^ MS69DPL ( March 2021 ).

Denoted by a + symbol appearing after the grade, the plus designation indicates that a coin is of superior quality for the grade and that it approaches the next technical grade level. In numismatics, in addition to plus, several terms are used interchangeably to indicate this, including premium quality, PQ and high-end.

Star Designation identifies coins with exceptional eye appeal, including vibrant, colorful toning or intense luster.

7/20/2011 4/2/2021 6374131
Other raindogsteve Peace Frisco set At least AU 55 or better 2/4/2021 4/1/2021 9113
Ancients Von Werner Ancient World Examples 7th BC to 2nd Century AD To display examples of ancients throughout the known world, mostly Greek and Roman Republic, along with examples of other ancient kingdoms. 9/7/2020 3/31/2021 9333
Other raindogsteve Peace Denver set At least AU-55 or better for slabbed coins 2/21/2021 3/31/2021 1611
Series Sets HUMAN COLLECTION It's all about the Rands and Cents To assemble the best Rands and Cents collection consisting of all possible varieties. In other words; this set will include all silver and nickel Rands in MS, MSDPL, MSPL, PL, PF, PFCA and PFUC. All cents are collected in BN, RB and RD color variations including Cameo and Ultra Cameo specimens. 10/9/2017 3/31/2021 704444
Series Sets llr RUB'S COMMEN'S HALF $ 5/23/2017 3/30/2021 36714
Token & Medals MIKE BYRNE Michael Byrne Collection - Kempson Coventry Tokens Complete Set collect what I like that's first. To increase my inventory of the Conder tokens that are classic there are many more will be going up as soon as I figure it out or get help. Some very affordable some not so. I like detail I believe it has to be seen to appreciate the workmanship done by these masters. This way we all can appreciate them. Count the bricks and the windows. I call it art on copper the more who see it you will know what I mean. I have forty dollar tokens and some expensive ones. In the ANA we say as I said collect what you like. I keep to that I will be very happy to share them with you. I believe this to be the only complete set. If you know of another kindly let me know I would love to talk to the collector. . I have been sick. I have fallen behind and I apologize for that. I have 22 wonderful tokens to put up. That allot of money but I promise to get them done. You deserve to see them. Please be patient. Mike 2/4/2019 3/30/2021 83322
Other G.A. Davis Collection Gary's U.S. & World coins Expand my collection beyond Morgan dollars & Mercury dimes. 2/7/2016 3/29/2021 109547
Series Sets nmtlinuxman 2016 Gold Centennial First Release Set All First Releases; all SP70. 3/29/2021 3/29/2021 13
Mint Errors Xan Chamberlain Xanno Error Indians Collect Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents with PDS - Planchet, Die, and Striking Errors that can be seen with the naked eye, including: Multi-strikes, Triple Strikes, Double Strikes Flip-over Strikes, In-collar, Out of collar, Off-Centers, Caps, Clips, Cuds, Broadstrucks, Brockages, Mirror Brockages, Struck Thrus, Indents, Blank Planchets, Indian Cent Patterns during the Indian Cent timeframe, Proofs with errors, Die Varieties - Pretty much anything the has eye appeal to me! I have expanded the set to include a Mint State set of "Normal" Indian Head Cents by date to compare to the errors. 5/10/2007 3/28/2021 5930419
Mint Errors Xan Chamberlain 1995 Error Coins by Xanno Construct an error coin set that shows as many different kinds of errors as possible! 2/14/2016 3/28/2021 5831224
Ancients DINKO1 Bulgarian antique coins /VEZYOV Bulgarian antique coins 3/9/2021 3/28/2021 153
Varieties Chingford. Copper pennies 1825 to 1860 Recording all known varieties in one place
I will add any known/recorded references and full descriptions of variety as the set develops.
I will do Copper Halfpennies for the same period
3/27/2021 3/27/2021 438
World Coins Taler Universe Holy Roman Empire - House of Habsburg Talers
I am aiming to put together a broad representative set of 16-19th century, Holy Roman Empire Talers. The set is dynamic with a goal of continuously upgrading its quality.Checkout The Taler Universe Website as it expands on the history involving the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburgs as well as displaying the entire collection.
5/28/2008 3/27/2021 26733150
World Coins TMS Coins 6. GREAT BRITAIN, QUEEN VICTORIA GOLD HALF-SOVEREIGNS 1838-1901, CIRCULATION ISSUES The goal is to obtain high grade examples of gold half-sovereigns for every year of Queen Victoria's reign. 7/22/2011 3/27/2021 1235171
Series Sets coin928 The Mint of the Philippine Islands (1920-1941) The set of items presented here are intended to represent the entire range of coins and medals produced by The Mint of the Philippine Islands in Manila. They are presented chronologically in order to show how the spectrum of production changed from year to year. Varieties are included where possible.

The list of coins and medals may however be incomplete. The Report of the Secretary of Finance (Alberto Barretto) for calendar year 1921 contained one very interesting sentence with respect to the production of the mint in 1921. ... 200 bronze medals were struck for the officers and crew of the U.S.S. Helena, in September, under authority of the secretary of finance. I have never seen one of these medals, and I don't know of anyone who has, but it would certainly be interesting to find one. The reporting of the use of the mint to strike coins for the Philippine Health Service is only occasionally mentioned in treasury reports, so it is quite possible that other medals or tokens were also produced by the mint. Any record of these was probably lost to history during World War II.

Rev. 11/19/2017
6/25/2013 3/27/2021 652469
Other Wildabeast West point 5 3/26/2021 3/26/2021 56
Token & Medals Scott =) buh hambag goals 10/31/2011 3/26/2021 9453
Other Queen Esther Precious Metal Hoard 4/6/2009 3/25/2021 1824184
Token & Medals JAA United States Assay Commission Medals 3/28/2015 3/25/2021 142317
Mint Errors Coby Simpson Cent Errors 3/24/2021 3/24/2021 91
World Coins CRN Bahamas $5 1966-1980 PF and MS To build the best sets possible 3/24/2021 3/24/2021 79
Other Liberty1776 mustangs4ever-yearly_u.s._mint_set Create a set consisting of one coin from each year of U.S. Mint operation, from 1792-present. Focus on diversity of coinage, including various mint marks, with the highest grades possible, in addition to one coin per year. 6/29/2020 3/23/2021 238225
World Coins deposito 1916 Coins of the USA and World First I just planned to get a nice example of each USA type for 1916. I knew the Standing Liberty quarter was going to be a problem. Presently that is substituted for by a 1917 Standing Liberty quarter. Hopefully one of us will pick that up someday.

A little later in 2016 I figured I should see what other 1916 coins were available. We now have more than 46 different countries / colonies / protectorates / territories covered.

For some countries only base metal coins or tokens are available for 1916. (Venezuela has only leper colony tokens). For many other countries, I have never seen any coin of any kind available. Like Guatemala and Bolivia. There are still plenty of countries with coins that I know can be obtained, but it is a shrinking list, and I have taken out all the easy ones already.

Coins that I know exist, and can be sometimes bought, but mostly for too much, and not too often, include:

1. Afganistan (got one)
2. Bulgaria
3. More Chinese provincial issues
4. Costa Rica gold
5. Chile gold (got it)
6. Japan gold
7. Egypt Gold (got it)
8. Tunisia Gold (23 minted?)
9. Better British Honduras
10. Better Venezuela Maricaibo leper colony token
11. Silver 20 cent Straits Settlement (got it)
12. Gold Netherlands Ducat (got it)
13. Austria Gold
14. Hungary Gold
15, Better Philippines 20c (got it)
16. Better Columbia 50c
17. Better Argentina 20c
18. Canada 50c
19. Great Britain gold
20. Australia gold (got it)
21. Bigger better Cuban gold

My kid hopefully has many decades to grow up and work on this.
9/3/2018 3/23/2021 43276
Series Sets Thalermaniac DAVENPORT SERIES, GERMAN TALERS This collection was inspired by spectacular variety of German Coinage which is described by John S. Davenport in His Books of German Talers and European Crowns. We are presenting COMPLETE or almost complete Series of Talers and Crowns of 5 Mark minted by different rulers at different time period. Every Set of Talers reflects certain Ruler of particular German State at the certain period of time. We tried to represent at least one example of each type of Taler. All coins are numerated with Davenport Numbers for convenience. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions to improve quality of our Set.
This Set is for sale, please make your offers!! Contact E-mail is
2/3/2011 3/22/2021 7218109
World Coins Edward Anderson Ed's Old Coins Just trying to get a variety of coins outside of my US collection. Demonstrating what other types of coins have existed. 3/1/2021 3/22/2021 1214
Series Sets BMetoyer 2019 ATB San Antonio Missions Complete Set Highest grade this poor bot can afford to collect this great Texas Icon. 2/11/2021 3/22/2021 3415
Token & Medals BMetoyer The National Bicentennial Set by American Revolution Bicentennial Association All 9/7/2020 3/22/2021 152
World Coins Michael Phares Korean Coin Error Set My goal is to build the most diverse and amazing collection of Korean error rarities. 3/22/2021 3/22/2021 57
Other dhinckle ATB 3/21/2021 3/21/2021 1027
Series Sets 小鹿飞银河 Hindenburg medals and coins ????????????? 3/20/2021 3/20/2021 56
World Coins Crruisercharlie Oh! Canada Keep collecting! 7/16/2018 3/19/2021 12612
World Coins Thalermaniac EAGLES OF THE KAISERREICH In this Set we are trying to represent as many as possible 5 Mark coins of the German Empire or at least one of each type. All coins are numerated by Davenport numbers for the convenience. All coins are on sale so if you are interested please contact us at 2/12/2015 3/18/2021 255146
Varieties Premium Coins 2021 TYPE I / TYPE II GOLD AND SILVER EAGLES 3/9/2021 3/17/2021 79
Token & Medals Cal Gold "Token" Guy California Pioneer Fractional Gold To collect these little pieces of early California as they come available... 2/3/2017 3/17/2021 2809118
Series Sets dleonard-3 Leonard Family - Dansco 1 - Large Cents 1793-1857 My goals for this set are:
1. Fill all 97 holes in this album with decently detailed coins.
2. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.
Given these goals, this set will never be finished.
8/1/2012 3/17/2021 104596
Pattern Coins mania Gold Coin Patterns struck in Copper To assemble a type set of US gold pattern coins struck in off metals ( like copper) 1$ through 20$ 6/28/2020 3/16/2021 969
Pattern Coins mania Sample of US Patterns Assemble a Pattern Type Set. - various mid grade collector types from of several Obverse and reverse die designs with within and across denominaitons. Build a photo gallery to highlight these variations of the series. 9/5/2005 3/16/2021 4225234
Other raindogsteve Rosie 'Frisco set MS-66 or better 2/19/2021 3/16/2021 246
Other pulver set more little gold coins collet all I can fine 4/16/2013 3/15/2021 2229274
Series Sets Fin2 First last date half large small cent type set issued by United States of America Some think that type collecting is the most enjoyable specialty in U.S. coin collecting. 2/27/2021 3/15/2021 307
Other Harlan#2 An 1834-1933 US Gold Type Set: from California Gold to Double Eagles I'd like to expand my collection of Half Eagles to include examples from the New Orleans and Denver mints. 11/26/2019 3/13/2021 11031
Thematic & Topical Coins colmoultrie Circulated History - Colonial and Early US coins 1/15/2021 3/12/2021 231
Token & Medals coinsarefun CoinsAreFun Newest Tokens and Medals 3/12/2021 3/12/2021 3744
World Coins CRN Bahamas $2 Flamingo theme 1966-1991 To build and complete sets of original Bahama coinage in the denominations of.50-$1-$2-$5 and $10 1966-1992. I have always been a fan and think these are some of the most beautiful designs ever struck. They have suffered the ravages of high silver prices causing many,many thousands of them to be melted, some even by the mints themselves. 3/12/2021 3/12/2021 2020
Token & Medals Scarsdale Coin SCARSDALE COIN - The Extraordinary So Called Dollar Collection Eliasberg accomplished a virtually impossible feat by collecting one of everything... Here at Scarsdale Coin we attempt one better....not only to collect one of everything but where possible to obtain the Finest Known!

FYI, Scarsdale Coin has been for many years a behind the scene market maker of SCD and now for the first time will publish its in house collection that we have acquired over the past twenty plus years!
1/14/2014 3/11/2021 1182325

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