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The "Old Pueblo" is Tucson Arizona! My wife and two children and I have lived for the last 20 Years.
I started collecting in 1978 with guidance from a friend and collector named Hap. My collection included an almost complete Mercury Dime set, Franklin and Kennedy Halves, and Morgans.
I lost almost the entire collection due to poor life decisions in my early 20s.
I still have a specimen coin from most 19 and 20 century denominations in (F) to (MS)
I was away from buying raw or graded coins for 20 years, buying only from the mint, annuals, Dollars, Eagles, and the like. My interest in coins has been reignited by the popularity of the Silver Eagle Proofs of which I have most years.
I plan to submit my Eagles to NCG for grading.
I inherited Whitman boards of Liberty Nickels, Barber Halfs, Barber dimes, and Lincolns from my Grandfather last year. Suddenly, I became interested in the Liberty V Nickel and have started a competitve set in honor of Glen Ogle my Grandfather.


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Set Type
Set Name
Last Mod.
[Collapse] Quarter Dollars
  Statehood Quarters, Silver, 1999-2008, Proof Issue 59 Old Pueblo State Silver Quarters 90 45 29 45 11960 -3052 1/13/2021614
  D.C. and U.S. Territories Quarters, 2009, Proof Issue 1 Old Pueblo Silver Proof Territory Quarters 100 12 12 12 1961 -1261 7/26/2019617
[Collapse] Half Dollars
  Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1941-1947, Circulation Issue 60 Old Pueblo Walkers 30 6 5 6 5416 -864 6/11/2020656
[Collapse] Dollars
  Presidential Dollars, 2007-Date, Proof 183 Old Pueblo Presidential Proof Dollars - 77052 45 20 12 20 3520 -14640 2/20/2015375
[Collapse] Commemoratives
  Modern Commemoratives, 1982-Date, Proofs 199 Old Pueblo Commems 8 14 0 4 4414 334 2/12/2015241
[Collapse] American Eagles & Bullion Coins
  Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Proofs 252 Old Pueblo Eagles PF 70 33 16 2 13763 1855 12/16/2020287

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