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I've been collecting coins for most of my life, execpt for the 12 years in the military. Not much time or money then. Although I've owned a few rare coins they were mostly lower grade. I always seemed to find one I liked better, so I sold or traded most of them away. Sure wish I'd taken pictures of them. So, with this site I want to put up a few pictures so I can always look back and remember the excitement that came aquiring these pieces of art. Besure and check out my custom set it's going to be fun putting together.


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Set Type
Set Name
Last Mod.
[Collapse] Half Cents
  Classic Head Half Cents, 1809-1835, Circulation Issue 10 Lawrence Guthrie 14 2 0 0 2018 264 11/21/2014500
  Braided Hair Half Cents, 1849-1857, Circulation Issue 22 Larry Guthrie 12 1 0 1 990 1492 6/11/2019507
[Collapse] American Eagles & Bullion Coins
  1/10 Ounce Gold Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State 71 Larry Guthrie / $5 Eagles 15 6 0 6 11527 385 10/5/2017869
[Collapse] Type Sets
  Nickel Five Cents Type Set 47 Larry's five cents 30 3 0 2 4412 407 9/21/2015924
  20th Century Series Type Set, Non-Proofs Only - No Gold 68 Lawrence Guthrie 20th Century Type 2 1 0 0 3868 407 9/25/2014233

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