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I was 9 years old when I started collecting coins in 1965. That was the year that my Grandmother gave me an 1846 Braided Hair Large Cent. She was a waitress at a local restaurant and had received it as a tip the day before. She told me that it might be worth a lot of money someday and that I should always take care of it. I can still remember how exited I was, it was so big and so different from any other penny that I had ever seen before. I ran and hid this coin in the back of my sock drawer for safekeeping. I knew that it was going to make me rich one day.

I still have this coin today. It is no longer hidden in my sock drawer, but now resides in an aging 2x2 coin holder with all my other uncertified coins. It never did make me rich, but it did ignite a passion for coin collecting that has lasted for more than 40 years.

Today, my main collecting interests are in certified Silver Eagles, Morgan Dollars, Franklin Half Dollars and Kennedy Half Dollars. My wife accuses me of trying to buy any and all coins that I see. She says it doesn’t matter what type of coin it is or the condition it’s in, I will buy it if the price is right. She knows me all to well, but I do try to stick with the four sets mentioned above.

I have met some great people, over the years, due to coin collecting and I look forward to meeting many more in the future.


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Set Type
Set Name
Last Mod.
[Collapse] Cents
  Lincoln Cents, Union Shield, 2010-Date, Proofs 51 Thomason Collection - Union Shield Proof Cents 20 3 3 3 1164 -342 4/24/2017376
[Collapse] Dimes
  Roosevelt Dimes 1965-Date, Proof Issue 84 Thomason Collection, Roosevelt Proof Dime 28 26 26 26 3385 -755 4/5/2018237
[Collapse] Half Dollars
  Franklin Half Dollars, 1948-1963, Circulation Issue 388 Thomason Collection - Franklin Half Dollars 17 6 6 6 1025 183 7/19/2019167
  Franklin Half Dollars, 1948-1963, Basic Circulation Issue (No FBL, PL, or DPL) 13 Thomason Collection - Basic Franklin Half Dollar 17 6 6 6 1025 183 7/19/2019111
[Collapse] Dollars
  Morgan Dollars, 1878-1921, Circulation Issue 1717 Thomason Collection - Morgan Dollars 2 3 3 3 1454 16 11/2/202093
[Collapse] American Eagles & Bullion Coins
  Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Mint State 715 Thomason Collection - Silver Eagles 52 28 28 28 6920 1160 6/28/2019181
  Burnished Silver Eagles, 2006-Date, Mint State 263 Thomason Collection - Burnished Silver Eagles 20 3 3 3 950 -10 2/11/201997
  Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Bullion Issues (No Mintmark) 91 Thomason Collection - Silver Eagle Bullion Issues 64 24 24 24 5493 -560 8/18/2020385
[Collapse] Type Sets
  Small Cent Type Set 136 Thomason Collection - Small Cent Type Set 40 4 4 4 1030 330 12/26/2018166
  21st Century Type Set, Proofs Only 7 Thomason Collection - 21st Century Proof Type Set 86 19 19 19 5182 495 12/26/2018628

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