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I started this like most others, by buying bullion. Well, I got in it at the wrong time and quickly watched silver drop. Frustrated, I read some articles and began to see silver eagles going for over $100. Curious, I began to see that I could get PM's and also have a much better chance of increasing the value by buying collectible coins. I have a love/hate relationship with this hobby as there are some beautiful things I respect about it and then there is the shady and seedy side that I hate. I am an honest person who treats others how I would like to be treated. When I see the shady part I do what I can to stay away and connect with the many good honest enthusiasts I have met along the way. NGC holders are the best holders. They keep your treasures safe and secure and create an extensive online format to do research and meet others who share the same interests. Feel free to contact me anytime as I am open to meeting new people in this hobby.


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[Collapse] Australia - Commemorative
  Wedge-Tailed Eagle, Silver Dollars, 2014-Date, Complete 14 Mercanti Wedge Tail Eagle Proof 10 2 2 2 1088 -677 3/1/2018207
[Collapse] Australia - Bullion
  Kookaburra, Silver 1 Ounce, 1990-Date, Complete Proof 13 HIGH Relief Kookaburra 2012 to Date One oz Silver 2 1 1 1 392 392 6/10/20193
  Kookaburra, Silver Dollars, 1 Ounce, High Relief, 2012-Date, Proof 1 Kook HR 100 8 8 8 4543 392 6/11/2019183
[Collapse] Niue
  Silver $2, Birds of Niue, 2009-Date, Colorized, Proof and Prooflike 3 NIUE Birds of Prey 2013 30 4 4 4 2464 -848 4/23/2018164
[Collapse] Quarter Dollars
  Statehood Quarters, Silver, 1999-2008, Proof Issue 154 Statehood Silver Quarters 99-08 PF 40 20 20 5 3331 0 12/28/201389
  National Parks Quarters, Silver, 2010-Date, Proof Issue 1 ATB PF Silver 100 55 55 55 12558 118 7/9/2019302
[Collapse] Dollars
  Presidential Dollars, 2007-2016, Proof 337 Reverse Proof Pres Dollars 9 4 4 4 1393 28 1/18/201831

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