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Born in Great Falls, Montana. Nobody is born there! My Dad was the engineer at the local radio station. We later moved to Tucson,AZ where it was warm. Winslow, AZ was next, followed by South Jersey, Asheville, NC, and a nice landing in Northern Virginia.

My brothers were paperboys for the "Philadelphia Inquirer". They had a lot of change (coins) and both started coin collections. I didn't have money so I collected stamps.

Something must have stuck in my head as here I am, collecting coins and loving it! I don't feel guilty about "spending" money because I am "buying" money. Hopefully the values will hold up so my theory about spending money will hold true.

I like Scandinavian coins the most. My ancestry is half Danish so it interests me. Their coins are very pretty, too.

Another pretty bunch of coins is the French. I collect all kinds of those just because they are interesting with the designs and the art they use. With all of the Scandanavian and European coins, I enjoy the history of kings and queens.

Next one on the list is Australian. It has become my temporary #1. They are very easy to collect and a set can be put together in no time at all. I know that is cheesy but part of my motivation with the whole hobby is investment.

I own several complete sets of Franklin halves and am working on the Walking halves.


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[Collapse] Australia - Bullion
  Kookaburra Silver 1 Ounce, 1990-Date, Complete, Including Varieties 23 novamomm's kooks 5 11 8 1 3537 43 5/19/2017395
  Koala, Silver Dollars, 2007-Date, Complete 31 novamomm's Koalas 2 1 1 0 437 -114 1/31/2018612

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