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The NGC Registry is a community where collectors can showcase their coins and compete for the best sets. Registry participants can enter coins into US and World Competitive Sets or Custom Sets.

You’ll find thousands of US and World set types, and it’s easy to get started. Simply choose a set that interests you and enter your NGC-certified coins. Add photos and descriptions, set collecting goals and see how your sets stack up against the competition. Prizes for the best Competitive and Custom Sets are awarded each year in January. Best of all, it’s free!

To help you decide how you’d like to participate, here are some frequently asked questions:

What are Competitive Sets?

Competitive Sets are defined by NGC, with available slots for each coin in each set. Coins are ranked based on relative rarity and grade, and collectors receive points accordingly. It’s a great way to participate in the Registry, as it offers friendly competition and establishes collecting goals. It’s also easy to compare collections and see some outstanding sets.

What are Custom Sets?

Many collectors choose to assemble their own sets in unique ways, as personal expressions of what they find fascinating about collecting. Custom Sets are ideal for this kind of collector. You can create Custom Sets through the NGC Collection Manager, and either share them or keep them private. You define the set’s theme and choose which coins are eligible.

What coins are eligible for the NGC Registry?

All NGC-certified coins are eligible for the NGC Registry, although there are not Competitive Sets for every coin. You may request a new Competitive Set by emailing

How are Competitive Sets ranked?

We place a value on each coin, based on the relative rarity of its type, date and grade, and many additional factors such as population, market value and expert opinion. A set’s rank is based on the total of the individual scores of all the coins. A scoring algorithm developed by NGC helps make the sets competitive for everyone, even collectors with a limited budget.

What are the “All Coins” and “NGC Coins” options under US Sets?

These options allow you to choose how to compete against others in the US Registry. The option you select affects which coins are counted towards the set score and rank. If you want to compete against the finest known NGC sets, choose the “NGC Coins” option. The option you select will be remembered for future visits and can be changed at any time.

What is the NGC Plus Designation and does it receive a point bonus?

NGC assigns a to coins that fall at the high end of their assigned grade, approaching the quality requirements for the next grade. In addition to their superior technical merit, coins receiving a Plus must have above-average eye appeal. A coin with Plus Designation is automatically assigned a Registry point premium. Learn more about NGC Plus Designation.

What is the NGC Star Designation® and does it receive a point bonus?

NGC assigns a to coins with exceptional eye appeal for their assigned grade. A coin with Star designation is automatically assigned a Registry point premium. Learn more about the NGC Star Designation.

Are NGC Details Grade coins weighted the same in the Registry?

No, NGC Details coins earn 50% of the score given to a numerically graded coin of the same condition. NGC Details Grades include a prefix that indicates wear (UNC, AU, etc.) and a notation of the detrimental surface condition that prevented NGC from assigning a numerical grade. Learn more about NGC Details Grading.

What does an NGC Registry score mean?

When a set is assigned a score in the Registry, the sole purpose of that score is to provide a standard against which other sets in the Registry can be compared. A Registry score is not intended to be used as a basis for determining market value, and Registry scores may be changed from time to time.

What happens when there is a tie?

The NGC Registry ranks sets first according to the set's score. If two or more sets have the same score, the tie will be broken based on the percentage of coins with images. If two or more sets have the same score and the same percentage of coins with images, then the tie will be broken based on the percentage of coins with descriptions.

To summarize, ranking is achieved by considering the following, in order:

  1. Set score
  2. Percentage of coins with images
  3. Percentage of coins with descriptions

If all of the above items are equal between sets, then sets will be sorted by the date the rank was achieved (first to achieve it will appear higher), but they will have the same rank number beside their set.

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