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US Numismatic Discovery Models (Part 2)   Image Attached

This is how a new US Mint series was discovered!

145 views / 1 reply

US Numismatic Discovery Models (Part 1)  

How can an entire US Mint series be discovered?

153 views / 2 replies

Presidential Medal of Appreciation Eisenhower Class 1 Award   Image Attached

Acquired from a collector in France.

324 views / 1 reply

Re: Question on Grading a Hawaiian Medal   Image Attached

Still waiting for a reply...

430 views / 1 reply

Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kalakaua Coronation Medal   Image Attached

I'm researching this medal...

479 views / 2 replies

Hawaii the 49th State !   Image Attached

Not a typo...

491 views / 0 replies

What does COINWeek, The E-Sylum..., and the ANA have in common this week?   Image Attached

Newly documented Presidential Award medals ...

504 views / 0 replies

Eisenhower Class 2 Presidential Award Medals   Image Attached

Numismatic research sharing time....

510 views / 0 replies

Shot-Down Spy Plane Results in the Forced Destruction of Gold & Silver U.S. Mint Medals  

Want to learn more?

801 views / 0 replies

Image Request by Smithsonian  

Help requested...


A Helping Hand to Philippines Numismatists   Image Attached

Accurate mintage provided to Honeycutt H-525 & Basso B-898...

578 views / 0 replies

Security Breach of Your Website?  

HTML is Not Working in ALL Registry Sets.

714 views / 6 replies

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou (in the Hawaiian language)  

Day 4 of 17 day vacation on East Coast, USA

644 views / 3 replies

HTML Magic  

Ugh..a table!

586 views / 4 replies

HTML Modification of my NGC Registry Set  

Existing format was boring ...

584 views / 5 replies

A Lady With a Question   Image Attached

US Mint series uncovered after over 5 decades of being hidden...

643 views / 6 replies

Hawaii X# MB60 Gold Princess Kaiulani Akahi Crown   Image Attached

A beautiful coin in my collection.

671 views / 1 reply

Sale Akin to Hoard Dispersal  

The Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) is commemorating its 40th anniversary by emptying its vaults.

839 views / 1 reply

Possible Candidates for Inclusion in the HK So Called Dollar Reference Book   Image Attached

I would be really impressed if it's included in the book's update!

731 views / 11 replies

My Latest Acquisition   Image Attached

A Matching Pair of Top Pops!

579 views / 0 replies

Looking for a Thick Low Volcano !   Image Attached

Hopefully this should ERUPT with a search ...

607 views / 0 replies

Update: The Kennedy Appreciation Medal   Image Attached

Medal with a Presidential provenance...

958 views / 4 replies

Unlisted So Called Dollar Variety: HK-723 "Star without Rays" ...Souvenir of Honolulu  

Undocumented variety in So-Called Dollars by Hibler and Kappen.

1153 views / 1 reply

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals   Image Attached

Medals with Presidential provenance...

700 views / 5 replies

An Original Ike from the US Mint (1960)   Image Attached

Handed out by President Eisenhower himself!

1325 views / 2 replies

The Hawaiiana Numismatist   Image Attached

Book writing is fun...

747 views / 0 replies

Boom   Image Attached

The Resolution

691 views / 7 replies

Boom   Image Attached

The Resolution

678 views / 14 replies

Numismatic Detective - The Hula Dancer and the Changing Volcano   Image Attached

I was observing the hula dancer then ...WAM BAM

660 views / 3 replies

Nerd of a Coin   Image Attached


675 views / 19 replies

Rare Uniface 1959 Official Hawaii Statehood Medal   Image Attached

Only 30 of these fully struck uniface medals are documented to have been struck

917 views / 37 replies

Numismatic Detective - New Discovery Hawaiian Style   Image Attached

New metals for a medal....

718 views / 3 replies

Numismatic Detective -- Father of Modern Surfing   Image Attached

Surfs up dudes/dudettes...

877 views / 0 replies

Patience is a good thing ... Part 2   Image Attached

Day 85 and counting ...

714 views / 2 replies

Numismatic Detective - Hula Dancer and the Jet   Image Attached

Hula girl provides a visual dance that dramatizes or portrays words ... the jet provides travel...

967 views / 0 replies

Meaning of the Numismatic Detective Title   Image Attached

I don't want to regurgitate so I must create!

593 views / 0 replies

Patience is a good thing ...   Image Attached

Day 72 and counting...

676 views / 3 replies

Dirty Hawaiian Beauty is Really Dirty in More Ways Than One   Image Attached

Packed up my next 5 item submittal. Bumps up my total to 16 items in the queue at NCS/NGC.

655 views / 3 replies

Dirty Hawaiian Beauty Bounced into My Grasp   Image Attached

NGC census reflects a total population of 2 for the entire coin series...

719 views / 3 replies

Numismatic Detective -- My Dual Identity Coin   Image Attached

Two NGC designations (medal and coin)!

683 views / 0 replies

Numismatic Detective -- Re-discovered Hawaii SC50C Error   Image Attached

Thick vs Thin => re-discovered error

604 views / 0 replies

Knowledge Empowers the Collector -- Part 3   Image Attached

1959 Official Alaska Statehood Medal Progression Set

688 views / 0 replies

Knowledge Empowers the Collector -- Part 2   Image Attached

1959 Official Hawaii Statehood Medal Progression Set and a Part 3 teaser...

692 views / 0 replies

Knowledge Empowers the Collector -- Part 1   Image Attached

What a find!

621 views / 2 replies

1941-Dated "Remember Pearl Harbor" Medals  

My new custom set listing ...

624 views / 0 replies

Knowledge Empowers the Collector (previous journal entry removal)  

I had to remove my original journal entry ...

657 views / 2 replies

I Miss College ... Sort Of...   Image Attached

Got my grades today ... NGC grades

522 views / 1 reply

NGC Coin Details - Slick Smartphone App   Image Attached

Fun with my smartphone ... Even scans a barcode image on a laptop screen

919 views / 2 replies

US Mint 2013 Product Release Schedule  

Planning purchases and possible visit to first day release ceremonies...

588 views / 0 replies

Snail pace turnaround for specialty areas   Image Attached

I patiently wait...still enjoying life

566 views / 0 replies

Hawaii Numismatics 101 - World vs US Listing   Image Attached

Delineating Hawaiian numismatics between World and US listings


Inadvertent NGC Body Bags   Image Attached

My Pearl Harbor Casualties circa 12/12/12

935 views / 3 replies

Numismatic Detective -- Official Hawaii Statehood Medal Revisited   Image Attached

Do you own the lowest serial number NIIHAU correction medal?

518 views / 4 replies

Numismatic Research Impact - Remember Pearl Harbor   Image Attached

Seller uses my research ...

559 views / 1 reply

Numismatic Detective -- US Mint Oath of Allegiance Medal   Image Attached

American Civil War and the US Mint

776 views / 1 reply

I Attended a Local Coin Show While Vacationing in Hawaii   Image Attached

Purchased a few Hawaiian Beauties

1086 views / 1 reply

Numismatic Detective -- Update 1891 US Patent Centennial Medal   Image Attached

...from the Smithsonian Institution to the ANA's Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library...

735 views / 1 reply

Numismatic Detective -- 1891 US Patent Centennial Medal   Image Attached

I should incorporate the words "Numismatic Detective" in a parody song in the style of the original song by Elvis Costello "Watching the Detectives"

797 views / 1 reply

Online Token Catalog   Image Attached

An excellent token catalog website to contribute, learn from or use as reference ...

6117 views / 3 replies

Plate Coin Used by NGC - Kingdom of Hawaii Coin Series   Image Attached

Plate coins are superb examples of the coin type

718 views / 3 replies

Numismatic Detective -1959 Official Hawaii Statehood Silver Medal   Image Attached

Happy 53rd Statehood Anniversary (August 21, 1959) Hawaii!

979 views / 0 replies

Numismatic Detective - Undated Honolulu Carnival Dollar   Image Attached

HK-721 features an Olympic gold medalist

1130 views / 0 replies

Numismatic Detective - The Remember Pearl Harbor Pocket Coins   Image Attached

Here come my Japanese Zeros!

1449 views / 4 replies

I wonder who his silver supplier is ...   Image Attached


758 views / 0 replies

Territory of Hawaii !   Image Attached

Kingdom of Hawaii->Republic of Hawaii->Territory of Hawaii->State of Hawaii

798 views / 1 reply

I Bought Hawaii (Part 2)   Image Attached

Oh my ...

582 views / 0 replies

I Bought Hawaii   Image Attached

I bought Hawaii, however it was not an entire island....

706 views / 5 replies

Collector Exhbits at Upcoming 2012 ANA Convention in Philadelphia   Image Attached

Always a first time to enter ... deadline for entry is July 6th

755 views / 3 replies

Congratulations Jeff Shevlin  

So called dollar guy appointed as American Numismatic Association Executive Director ....


Remember Pearl Harbor   Image Attached

A pair of medals to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor...

1322 views / 1 reply

New Medal Acquisition   Image Attached

It really has been a busy week for me ...


Interstate H-3 Coin   Image Attached

What? An interstate highway in Hawaii...

891 views / 0 replies

MS 68 version of Hawaii Five-0   Image Attached

A recent 50c acquisition to my collection ...

581 views / 6 replies

Wow 1895 Hawaiian Reginald Huth Gold  

An auction with rare Hawaiian coin ... Forsythe Collection


Video on Star-Spangled Banner Commemorative Coin Release Day Ceremony   Image Attached

First purchaser requested his identity not be shared as he snuck out of work to purchase the coins...


National Numismatic Collection   Image Attached

I once took a date to see the the National Numismatic Collection ...

644 views / 0 replies

So Called Dollars - Hawaii   Image Attached

WoW ... I really got a bargain 11 months ago...


2012 Star-Spangled Gold $5 Proof and Uncirculated  

For all posterity ...


2012 Star-Spangled Gold $5 Proof and Uncirculated  

For all posterity ...


A "66" for my "26"   Image Attached

My NCS conservation results ...

847 views / 0 replies

First of the First   Image Attached

What precedes a "First Releases" and "Early Releases"?

667 views / 3 replies

I'm Surprised!   Image Attached

I'm eager to see the conservation results by NCS ...

530 views / 5 replies

Aloha   Image Attached

An Hawaiian idea for my new custom set ....

595 views / 1 reply

Among Giants...   Image Attached

The final medal for my Hawaii Statehood Medal Type collection arrived from NGC today ...

569 views / 4 replies

My Pending Set Donation   Image Attached

1 of 6 possible "First Day Ceremony" sets to be permanent part of National Park museum ...

622 views / 6 replies

Knowledge is Power (Part II)  

Read, study, and learn your collecting interest...

556 views / 1 reply

Coin Sleuth   Image Attached

A story of finding a coin's pedigree by accident...

1460 views / 2 replies

Hawaii Five-0 (The Series Teaser)   Image Attached

She is toned and close to perfection ...

501 views / 0 replies

Hawaii Five-0 (The Series Continues)   Image Attached

She is an incredibly beautiful and captivating Hawaiian ...

535 views / 0 replies

Hawaii Five-0   Image Attached

Kona 'Kono' Kalakaua (Grace Park) is beautiful .. so is this Kalakaua

544 views / 2 replies

Means to an End...   Image Attached

I've been collecting and selling coins from my collection as a means to an end ....

661 views / 4 replies

I Also Collect Medals ... Sort of...   Image Attached

As most of you know by now, I have a passion for collecting. The beauty, the rarity and the history behind each item collected is my motivation.

535 views / 1 reply

On a Hawaiian Trip   Image Attached

My mindset is in the land of Aloha...sort of

563 views / 3 replies

Knowledge is Power   Image Attached

I was fortunate to have help in entering the coin collecting hobby...

745 views / 4 replies

Hawaii Statehood Medals!  

Did you know that several medals were struck in 1959/1960 to commemorate Hawaii's admission as the 50th state to the Union?

579 views / 2 replies

My Best Circulation Find from the Past  

The year was 1995. The location was Southern Maryland. The find was ...

518 views / 5 replies

I Was There!   Image Attached

I see a need for a Ceremony Release designation for coins/medals obtained at an US Mint coin/medal release day ceremony. Why? Because I was there! I was not there 30-days...


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