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I am now in my later 40's as I write this bio and finally have reached a point in life where I can set aside some money monthly for my "coin allowance."

It was not always this way.

My fascination with coins started at a very young age--although the exact age I am not sure. I would guess I was between 7 to 10 years of age when my mother showed me her silver coins. As a child in the mid 1970's, the sight of a mercury dime design, walker or franklin half and even the old buffalo nickels were somehow exciting and mysterious. Compared to the pictures of the busts of presidents, the older designs were fantastically beautiful in their art and sculpted design...I was hooked!
The only problem was that I was a kid and had no money. My mom and dad got me some thumb busters of Lincoln wheat cents and Jefferson nickels. Oh what a prize to find a wheatie in my dad's change of a date before 1940! Of course I could not just take the coin--I had to do some extra chore to earn that prize, this made the enjoyment all the more.

Later I would have the pleasure of trips to a local coin shop in Rockville (MD)-called Coins of the Realm--I don't even know if it still exists or not. As the holes in my thumb busters became harder to fill, I figured out that I could find many of them at the coin shop. I would cut the grass of the older families in the neighborhood during the summer and if we had a snow in the winter--me and the other kids in the neighborhood would be out early knocking on doors to make that $5 for shoveling a sidewalk and driveway.
The difference was, my friends would spend that money on candy, sports cards or slot cars--for me it was a trip with my mom to the coin shop.
Eventually my mom even gave me her old silver coins--circulated and common date, nonetheless, they were quite possibly the most exciting coins I ever received.
After many years of hiatus from numismatics--about 12 to 15 years ago I rediscovered my passion for the hobby of kings--and with the discovery of the Registry here at NGC--and the ability to hunt for treasures on the internet, I foresee coin collecting being a part of my earthly pleasures until the day when I will leave it.

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A Simply Beautiful Coin Design   Image Attached

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another "setless" purchase


In 2017 Lions and Tigers join Bears   Image Attached

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To increase the scope and variety of the themed set.


End of The Coin Year Sprucing Up   Image Attached

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As my membership renewal approaches, my personal end of the coin year organizing begins.


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  Indian Head Cents, 1859-1909, Circulation Issue 162 1900's MS64 Brown Beauties 6 4 4 1 1664 0 12/29/201657
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  Standing Liberty Quarters 1916-1930, One-Per-Date, Circulation Issue 18 The "ALMOST" Set 21 3 3 0 988 900 11/10/201677
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  Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1941-1947, Circulation Issue 5 Morton Short Set of Full Strike Walkers 80 16 16 0 32851 0 2/19/20163088
  Kennedy Half Dollars, Silver 4-Coin 50th Anniversary Set, 2014, Complete 29 Unnamed set - 197550 100 4 0 0 3426 3426 11/26/201614
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  Susan B. Anthony Dollars 1979-1999, Proof 140 Jade's SBA Dollars-quick proof set 0 0 0 0 0 1346 10/22/201476
  Eisenhower Dollars, 1971-1978, Complete Proof 205 No Atheists in Foxholes 0 0 0 0 0 272 11/22/201630
  Sacagawea Dollars, 2000-Date, Proof 311 Jade's Sacagawea and sleeping baby coins 0 0 0 0 0 143 6/6/201693
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  US Type Set, 1792-1964 156 typos 4 4 3 2 2644 2897 12/5/2015173
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  Silver 50 Cents, Elizabeth II, 1966-1973, Circulation Issue 1 Morton's Dancing Marlin 83 5 4 1 677 98 12/1/2014663
  Silver $1, Elizabeth II, 1966-1973, Circulation Issue 1 Morton's Bahamas Conch Dollars 16 1 1 0 223 223 9/10/2011417
  Silver $2, Elizabeth II, 1966-1973, Circulation Issue 1 Morton's Bahamian Sunset 33 2 2 0 370 0 12/10/2014608
[Collapse] Canada
  10 Cents, Elizabeth II, 1981-Date, Proof Issue 1 Bluenose Schooner Proofs 100 43 42 37 10866 -131 4/25/20161305
  Two Dollars, 1996-Date, Proof 2 Morton Collection of Canadian Twonies 93 30 29 3 13207 151 11/24/2016702
[Collapse] Jersey
  1/12 Shilling, 1877-1966, Circulation Issue 1 Jersey 1/12 S 13 3 0 0 530 59 1/4/201732

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